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JasBulletin July

Poetry Gigs and News…


I am working on a small collection for Tall Lighthouse. We’re working slowly through the mud and I’m happy to have a tangible reason to finally fine tune all the badly hemmed poems that squeal to have their edges sewn up properly.


Farrago Summer Slam: Thursday 17th July

One of the only times I’ve had a posse at a poetry gig. Peppered with great regular feature acts and congrats to Kheston Walkins for winning the Slam with his effortlessly flowing verse.


Poetry and Poppadoms : Monday 28th July

Thanks to Paul Lyalls for this lighthearted gig. I performed alongside cheery maverick Bohdan Piasecki, Abe Gibson, Kayo Chingonyi, at La Kera restaurant in Turnpike Lane. Great food, and a trophy with a poppadom stuck on it. Good times.



Coming up:


Farrago August Slam:Thursday 7th August

Once again allowed onto the Rada Foyer Bar Stage to do a feature set, and looking forward to supporting the slam acts that bravely grace the mic at every Farrago Slam event. Featuring yours truly, Hollie McNish, Bohan Piasecki, Deanna Roger, Fran Landesman, Niall Spooner-Harvey and Others.


Beekstock Festival, Somerset: Friday 8th-10th August

Friends Nadine Wild Palmer and Bertie Van Der Beek are running the highly successful arts and music festival Beekstock in Somerset this weekend. I’m off to continue the festival vibe, chill out, and do some performing as well. Should be a great weekend!


The Midnight Run: Saturday 16th August

If WRITELondon and The Midnight Run were children, they would be best friends. The Midnight Run is a yearly event run by poet, educator and graphic artist Inua Ellams, talented beyond measure, and the man behind impressive one-man show The 14th Show, just finished at the Battersea Arts Centre. The Midnight Run is a walk around London from 6pm to 6am, picking up people as we go, talking, laughing and networking. I went last year (though not the whole way as had to graduate the next morning) and this year I’ll be the Midnight Run’s official Poet in walking residence- which means I have an excuse to write about it. Hooray!




WRITELondon is temporarily on hold while I adjust from employment into self-employment. The dates for forthcoming workshops are all to be rescheduled, but will be back within the month with a flurry of exciting stimuli for the early Autumn.


Lynk Reach Teenage Poetry Slam is now over! The SLAM final was at the end of June. We were all blown away by the quality of work and performance. The Lilian Baylis team delivered their nervously held goods with dignity and guts considering they were two team members down, and all the teams did their schools proud. The atmosphere was explosive, the teachers were moist in the cornea, and I have another lovely T-Shirt. We like.


The Creative Partnerships Project at Capital City Academy finished with a filming of all the year 9 English Students delivering the poems they wrote and edited over the course of the 8 week project. I worked out how to use a digital video camera very quickly. Considering it was the end of term, the students actually pulled themselves together pretty well and we had more than a few gems arise from the dust.


Roundhouse Studios Summer School

Assisting Jacob Sam-La Rose at the Roundhouse last week was a treat and a half. I decided that 1. Leaving Catering was a very good idea and 2. I need to take time out to write properly again after the explosion of teaching work I’ve been doing. The students on the Summerschool project were astounding writers, absolutely gobsmacking. There were tears involved. Some of them may have been mine, but you can’t prove anything.


Roundhouse at The Big Chill Festival

And as if that wasn’t enough, I bought some stripy wellies and trundled up to The Big Chill at Eastnor Deer Park to join the rest of the Roundhouse Crew in their big tent for shows, workshops and showcasing. They had a range of workshops going on for young people, from radio broadcasting to graffiti art. Myself and Natacha Bryan delivered an intensive performance poetry workshop which ended the weekend joyously. Some of the students were keen and budding writers. Some had been sent by their parents. All of them had something good to say at the end. Then it was time to dance…..


In the new term, I’ll be working with Nick Makoha on a full-day poetry workshop at Ockendon School. Should be a jam-packed day, and an interesting start to the students’ term. I’m not sure they’ll know what hit them.







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