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Jascribble’s Virtual Mugshot

Jasmine Ann Cooray is a poet, educator and creative innovator. She writes with soul and precision, transforming intimate everyday relationships and painting the world into something you want to look at twice. Her performances are warm, animated and affecting. Jasmine founded the Brighton’s monthly sell-out performance night Floetics , and also does work with 11-18 year olds in schools around London helping them to build writing and performance skills. Her newest endeavour is a range of site-specific creative writing workshops called WRITELondon. Jasmine is the winner of both the Farrago Summer Slam and the Farrago Award for Best Feature Debut Performance in addition to runner up at the Roundhouse Slam in 2007. Her poems will be shortly published under the Spread the Word mentorship scheme, FLIGHT. She is working on a collection with publishing house Tall Lighthouse. It is her policy not to ever give a substandard hug. She is very tall, so it’s not hard.


About  Floetics….


Floetics is a monthly established sellout performance evening for new artists in Brighton. It regularly features rising stars making music and words scene and gives people a chance to grab the open mic in an encouragaing atmosphere and bright, classy venue. Organised by multitasking creative legend Luska Mengham and hosted with pizzaz by Jasmine, people go away warm, inspired and often with a desire to keep writing, or, even better, start writing. We also include the added bonus of a poster colouring in competition- the best poster each month gets fame and fortune in all Brighton’s venues! Come and discover our magic if you have not yet done so…..


About WRITELondon…

WRITELondon is a range of site- specific creative writing workshops for writers across genres. A group of writers are escorted around London locations over day or evening workshops and provided with creative writing tasks that use aspects of the space to fuel new material. You don’t have to proclaim yourself a Writer, WRITELondon is open to anyone who wants to re-engage with surroundings, flex new creative muscles, and go on an adventure. We’re about generating ideas and being inspired by the everyday.


The workshops are structured as a walking tour with public transport if necessary. the group will work individually and sometimes collaboratively to generate new writing material from the tasks set specific to space. The workshop also includes sharing of work and ideas. WRITELondon is also frequently an impromptu forum for networking and connecting with likeminded people.





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